A Welcome to SpiritSpeak24 from Bethany

I’m not crazy about faceless, nameless websites, so I would like to add a personal message here to convey to you that I am somebody that really cares that you have a good tarot reading with my tarot readerspsychics or clairvoyants, just as I do in my shop.

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There are many reasons why people come for psychic readings and it can be a pretty amazing experience. The right reader can take your psychic reading from drab to fab and I feel that I have the most experienced, caring and gifted collection of psychic readers, to help make your session an enlightening and powerful experience. I’ve run my own new age business for many years now and often people come in feeling nervous and anxious about having a psychic reading, especially if they have never had one before. So I have put together a few things to help you. Firstly telephone readings can be just as powerful as sitting in front of the reader. Good psychic readers can link into your energy from anywhere, just as the energy of healing can be sent to someone anywhere. How often do you think about someone and they phone you, well that’s no coincidence. Your thoughts have linked into theirs and prompted the call. That’s just the simplest example of how energy can work. Here’s my top tips about how to get the most from your psychic reading with SpiritSpeak24 readers:


1. Be Prepared for your Tarot Reading

Be mentally prepared before you call. After all there must have been something specifically on your mind for you to pick up the phone in the first place. Take a little time to quietly focus on what you need help with. Sometimes of course it’s blatantly obvious that you need help in a particular area of your life. Sometimes we just feel stuck in a bit of a rut. Or it’s the New Year and we would like an idea of what might be in store.

2. Relax

Relaxing into the reading helps to keep the energy moving between you and the reader. Of course it’s natural to get a bit nervous before a reading, especially if you’ve never had one. You’re worried that you might hear something scary. That is not okay. At my shop I have many readers, they are all hand picked to be supportive and help people come away feeling uplifted, not scared to death! You’ve come to them to receive information that you would not have access to ordinarily, you come to them because they are unbiased, non judgmental and have a gift of delivering information from the cards, reading your energy or connecting with spirit. I feel that I have mimicked the same status quo with my online readers as I do at the shop. The readers online have to go through several test readings before they are able to read online. So please rest assured that everyone of them is here with the same integrity that I would expect from them at my shop.

3. Choosing the right psychic tarot reader

Make sure you know what sort of reading you want before you call. Are you looking for some clarity and what’s likely to open up for you, or is there an issue that you would like to look into or do you want to contact loved ones in spirit. It can be quite disappointing to find that your loved ones in spirit didn’t come through, because you had chosen the wrong type of reading. Scroll through the readers, read what type of readers they are and also bear in mind that specific family and friends in spirit that you are desperate to hear from my not come through this time.

4. It’s all about energy

People often think that to remain completely silent throughout a psychic reading is the best way to go. While it is true that the reader should be doing most of the talking. But in fact the energy between you will connect and flow much better if you participate to a degree. You can interject without giving anything away. And enthusiastic ‘ Yes that makes sense!’ tells the reader she/he is on track and helps to energise the reading.

5. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment

In mediumship readings some people get hung up on either a certain person coming through or hearing about a certain piece of validation like Aunt Martha’s red hat. Mediums try to give you validations, but if you’re only going to believe what you are being told if aunt Martha comes through and talks about her red hat, then you will miss lots of information that may well be relevant to you. Try not to get hung up on what you would like to hear. Sometimes things in a reading don’t always make sense at the time, but a little later there is an Ah-ha! moment and you understand what it meant, or after speaking to someone in the family. Of course many things will make sense as the reading unfurls. Try and have an open mind in this type of reading. Remember the job of a spiritual medium is to give spirit a voice. You’re loved ones in heaven will inform you of what they feel is important for you right now. People sometimes come back to my shop and say, ‘please could you inform the medium that I had a reading with, that what they said now makes perfect sense, but I didn’t understand it at the time. So try and have this mind set, it will be a much more enjoyable experience.

5. Distractions

Readings cannot take place effectively if you are experiencing distractions, which means ignoring call waiting, kids running around, other phones ringing, dogs barking at the front door, your reading needs a peaceful relaxed atmosphere, so please do your best to create one to get the best out of your reading.

6. Take notes of your tarot reading

If you are not having your reading recorded then take notes. It’s surprising how many things you will forget, even if you think you have the memory of an elephant. Write down important points and even the ones that seem insignificant or even if you don’t think something makes sense to you at the time. Write it! It very well may do later, or again someone in the family may be able to confirm the information.

7. Phones

Use a proper phone on a landline if you can. If you only have a mobile then so be it, but make sure you are in the part of your home where the reception is at its best.

8. Above all enjoy it!

Enjoy this experience. A great reading should feel like a conversation with someone that feels like a friend. And one that you don’t want to end. I hope this information helps you to choose the reader that most resonates with you and results in a fulfilling and helpful psychic reading.

Many Blessings


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