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Readings from just 29p per minute, for the first ten minutes.*
After 10 minutes you will be charged the standard rate per minute for the remainder of your reading.


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What makes our psychic readings so special?

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Each of our psychics has been chosen for their incredible psychic ability and spiritual advice in psychic reading. Spirit Speak24’s psychic readers use various methods of divination and psychic prediction, to deliver intuitive advice both online and over the phone. From online tarot readings & Angel cards to love and relationship advice, our psychic readings ensure every minute on the telephone is a minute well spent.

The art of divination explained

Most people have the psychic ability to see, hear, or feel spirits, all we have to do is open ourselves up and allow them to step close. Spiritual energy is everywhere, some people can see spirits in full apparition, as if in a physical body and then others see them in their minds eye (third eye).

Through psychic readings mediums can predict future events that are shown to them in either picture form, or as a scene from a movie, and of course the verbal thoughts are immense too.

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  • Clairvoyant = clear seeing, which means you can see and hear spirit whether it be a person or an animal either in the minds eyes or physically with the eyes.

  • Clairaudient = clear hearing that means you can hear spirit such as words or sounds or both; this is also either in the mind or ear.

  • Clairsentience = clear sensing that means you can sense the presence of a spirit energy around you.

  • Clairsentinence = clear feeling meaning the medium can physically feel the pain, and ailments the spirit had when on the earth plane.

  • Clairaliance = clear smelling which means you can smell spirit and the proof of spirit around you such as the smell of tobacco from a pipe, cigar, or cigarette, perfume, cooking smells etc.

  • Claircognizance = clear knowing, and this is simply knowing that something significant will happen or a feeling of needing to say something about a situation to someone.


Channelling information from the spirit world takes place when spirits move really close and use your mind and voice to communicate.

Physical mediumship is when a psychic can sit in a cabinet or darkened room and the energy of spirit can enter, and the body will take on the physical form of spirit energy. The face will change to look like another person just like a mask, and hands may become different too. It may look like the eyes are open and looking at things although the medium has their eyes closed.

With the use of ectoplasm, which is the source of energy power from the physical body, the spirit can manifest. Information can now be channeled, and the voice changed to sound like a man or woman, it’s also possible another language may be spoken which is not known by the medium that is channeling the information.

How To Select Your Psychic Reader

Here at SpritSpeak24 we have searched to bring you the best psychic readers in the UK.  Using the listing below you can search for the best psychic reader to meet your needs.  Call  us on 0800 067 1688 (credit/debit card), or to charge to your phone 0906 761 688 (£1.50/min + network access charge) and speak to one of our friendly operators who can connect you too the perfect psychic reader for you.  Alternatively have a think about the questions you want to ask your psychic reader and then select the one on the list below that you feel best meets your needs.  Then click on them and arrange a call back at the time best suited to you.  We hope you find the best psychic reader for your questions.


After 10 minutes you will be charged the standard rate per minute for the

remainder of your reading.