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I love Himalayan Salt Lamps, I have them in almost every room in my home as well as my therapy rooms. I have been selling them for many many years, but in the last year or two they have become much more popular and can even be found for sale in a couple of supermarkets! I never thought I would see the day when the new age market crossed over into the mainstream like this. But well, if it gets something so healing and wonderful out to the masses, I am very happy!

So I will explain in more detail about the great attributes of these Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps. They are said to create anions (negatively charged ions) in the air. Since pollution and the use of electrical equipment create potentially harmful positively charged ions (cations) in the air and cause air quality to deteriorate, using a salt lamp helps to counter the cations. This natural ionisation helps avoid the physical and mental harm created by the electric smog around us. And since we are bombarded with it on a daily basis, not just in our homes, but from mobile phones and the many masts that are being erected constantly, now is a good time for us all to be making an effort to counteract as best we can, this damaging radiation and electrical smog.

Salt Lamps come in two versions. A small hollowed out cup sized rock that you put a t-light in, or electric lamps that come in various sizes, both emitting a soft, golden light that creates beautiful visual appeal to a room. Not only do they look good, they also function as natural air cleansers. Heat from the candle or bulb make the crystal Salt emit negatively charged ions, which enter the air and neutralise the positively charged ions created by pollution and electrical appliances, wifi, tv’s and phones etc. The neutralised ions become heavy and fall to the ground.

These Lamps are made of natural crystal Salt from underground mines in the Himalayas. There is also a rare white salt lamp variation, other than the usual orange ones, which comes from lesser white seams found in the rock. These are somewhat more expensive, but give off a lovely white luminous glow. The crystal Salt is millions of years old and has a high mineral content as well as unique properties.

The cleansing properties of these Lamps are said to help combat illnesses like asthma and allergies. Other sources of anions are waterfalls and the sea; these produce up to 10,000 anions per cubic metre compared to just 100 anions per cubic metre being produced in a city at rush hour time.

So is it any surprise then why we all feel refreshed, exhilarated and happier when we are near waterfalls, oceans or rushing water. In this day and age full of electrical smog and pollution, isn't it wonderful that nature has provided us with such treasures from the earth to help us overcome what is becoming a world full of overload to the body, mind and senses.

I urge you to purchase one for your home and feel the lovely Calming, healing energy for yourself.

In Joy! Bethany x

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