An Introduction to Crystals


Crystals start out as liquid or gas under the Earth. As the gas or liquid cool they bond and form into solid forms. They may appear solid but they are actually a collection of highly vibrating atoms.

Each and every Crystal holds a different energy and through attraction to a certain crystal we are able to connect with it on an energetic level, as it connects with us. How clever and beautiful they are! But of course it’s all a matter of vibration.

Crystals have the amazing ability to alter our vibration as we can also change the vibration of the crystal. Crystals work with us on many levels, mind, body, spirit and soul. As we hold crystals they immediately start working with us and for us. That is why it is important to cleanse crystals after we have chosen and purchased them, since other people have been holding them and therefore they have started to work at that persons vibration. They need to be completely clear for the next person. That’s why I also advocate keeping your crystals to yourself for your use only.

I always ask my customer to hold crystals for a little while in the palm of their hand to warm the crystals to their body temperature, this further activates the crystals and will really start to resonate with them. There are several ways of cleansing crystals, some people soak them overnight in sea salt water, which is good for certain crystals, but lots of them can lose their lustre, become pitted or even dissolve, so unless you are aware of which crystals will react in this way, keep your crystals intact by cleansing them in one of the following ways. I usually recommend washing them under flowing water first, be it spring or mineral water but failing that, tap water will be fine. Dry them, then either lay them in a dish of dry sea salt or bury them in the earth overnight. Or another cleansing practice which is my favourite is to run them through the smoke of a smudge bundle (dried sage leaves) or an incense stick for a few minutes, go with your intuition with this. I often charge my crystals outside under a full moon or the sunshine if I want to charge certain crystals with a feminine energy, depending on what I’m working on. I will use the moon for it’s feminine energy or the Sun if I need a bit more masculine energy.

To really get connected to your crystals sit quietly and hold them between the two palms of your hands, so that the energy from both your palm chakras

connect through the crystal, you can then bring your hands up level with your heart chakra and programme the crystal to enhance the particular nature of your crystal (the reason you chose it) by asking it in your mind or aloud, or by simply allowing your heart to connect its desires directly to the crystal. Never underestimate how intelligent they are. Over the years that I have been working with these amazing crystal beings, I have seen them change colour, grow, suddenly disappear and then return days, weeks or even years later, when I can only imagine that they know that you need their help once again! but most of all I have witnessed their support, their encouragement and their incredible healing energy that they impart to us freely, once you decide to connect with them.

At my shop we make little sleep pouches for anyone having difficulty sleeping, lots of mothers come in for them for their babies and toddlers. We tell them to place them under their pillows or cots and the feedback is always wonderful to hear. We take four crystals that we have cleansed, charged up with Reiki healing, a pinch of herbs and our intention for restful sleep, pop them into a little pouch and Hey-presto! Sleeping children and rested mummy’s! That’s just one example of the precious work that these crystals can do.

I am going to be writing lots more about crystals very soon, so keep an eye out if you would like to know more on this subject.

Many Blessings Bethany x

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