Psychics and Mediums a Definition

psychics and mediums

Knowing what the word psychic means is something that is always up for debate and there are many thoughts on the subject. There are so many different perspectives from different people on how they perceive psychics. For me and from what I have gathered from the psychics that I have known, is that they perceive information hidden or unseen from the natural or normal senses. These people have developed this extrasensory perception, they have mastered and developed intuitive gifts, that I believe we all have. Ask a mother how many times she’s right about something to do with her children! That’s mother’s intuition of course! Someone who has developed themselves in this way becomes extremely sensitive and can sense the information that a person is holding in their energetic history, their chakra system, their heart energy, their past incarnations, even their soul, and can interact with this information on many subtle levels. They are also able to retrieve information from houses, public buildings or outside spaces.


The word psychic means ‘of the soul’ and is used to describe someone with abilities to sense hidden information outside of the 5 main senses. Psychics date back to ancient times especially in cultures that followed astrology. In these times gone by they were known as prophets and seers. Today they are known as clairvoyants and psychics. Psychic work without using the logical brain and beyond the use of our five senses as I have said, also enables them to gain insights into events or situations beyond the normal range of senses. They can receive some of their extrasensory insights through some or all of these examples, clairaudience, hearing without the physical ears, clairvoyance, seeing without using the physical eyes and clairsentience, feeling without the physical body. They perceive information from beyond their senses. They then have to translate the information that they are receiving in order to deliver it to another person, decipher and make sense of the images the words the sounds and feelings that they receive, which is another ability in itself.

A reading from a good psychic can pin point so much about us and help to unlock our own mysteries, much of which may have been troubling us without us even realising. They can reveal the blockages in our lives that are causing us to stay stuck in an old story. Uncover the reasons for repeating patterns, addictions or behaviour that we are holding onto. They can sense for us what we cannot gain access to for ourselves.

Mediums Mostly mediums are usually psychics as well, but the same cannot be said of all Psychics, they are not necessarily mediums. Mediums sit in a pure state, gone is the rational mind. Here they are tuning in to something like that of a radio station frequency, channeling the personalities of the deceased, spirit guides, angels etc. Their own personality and consciousness quiet and stilled to enable themselves to be open to receive the messages from spirit. There are those mediums that go a step further and allow the spirits to come much closer and inhabit the mediums physical body, whereby the mediums features change into that of the spirit as they looked in their earthly lifetime, also perhaps taking on the voice of that person. Or else the guide of the medium takes on the mediums body in a similar way to bring information forward. This is known as a type of channelling or trance mediumship.

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